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Rad Rhythm streams exciting and interactive programmes direct to your classroom.

Rad Rhythm streams educational, engaging and entertaining music programmes direct to your classroom. All you need is a set of household rubbish bins and drumsticks to build these musical extravaganzas with your class.

We know how busy the 20th century teacher is, so we have everything prepared so that all you need to do is press play, then join in with the fun and the learning.

Teachers do not need any musical expertise to run Rad Rhythm and for those teachers that are still a little nervous about teaching music, our teacher handbook will provide you with the support you need to feel comfortable delivering this programme to your classroom.

Each Rad Rhythm course works towards a final performance piece that the children can then perform in front of their peers. Along the journey students will learn the basics of how to play basic rhythms, drum basic beats, play together in time and to read and notate simple rhythms. Students also explore musical styles from a range of different cultures as they enjoy a mix of video demonstrations and practical examples.

Children are engaged from start to finish with sections that have them interacting with the screen, breaking into groups, and working alone, providing them with opportunities to reflect on their own performances and those of their friends. The rad rhythm band is also a real highlight of the programme, this musical supergroup takes students on a real adventure as they demonstrate and reflect on styles of music from all over the world.

Teachers are encouraged to film their class's final performance piece and to submit it for our Rad Rhythm competition, where schools can win all sorts of great prizes!

Every year Rad Rhythm delivers additional new and exciting content that is aimed at specific year levels in order to meet national curriculum objectives. Here's what's in the Rad Rhythm Library at the moment...

The Sleepover

  • For students in years 1-2
  • 9 Lessons (30-35min long)

This programme helps junior students learn the basics of making music together as a group. They will learn all about basic musical concepts, develop basic co-ordination and have a whole lot of fun!

Each lesson works towards a final performance piece that is themed around a sleepover that turns into an exciting evening of musical exploration. The class will interact with the story teller as they act and play out this fun story.

The Exam

  • For students in years 3-4
  • 9 Lessons (30-35min long)

This Programme is themed all around a performance piece called ‘The Exam’, where children are left to do an exam which breaks out into a percussion piece like no other.

In addition, students will learn all about basic musical concepts like dynamics and counting, how to play basic drum beats along with the Rad Rhythm band and how to work together as a class to perform a number of challenging but fun exercises.

The Gym

  • For students in years 5-6
  • 9 Lessons (30-40min long)

The gym is one of the most fun programmes we’ve ever created! By the end of this programme students will have a performance piece that will impress your whole school.

Students will work together as a class through a number of challenging musical sections which involves all sorts of funky rhythms, actions and stick tricks.

Each lesson incorporates various fun hand drumming exercises, visits from the rad rhythm band, who perform styles of music from all over the world and interactive musical theory lessons.

Rad Rhythm Original

  • For students in years 6-8
  • 18 lessons (35-45min long)

This program is set up to alternate from a theory based lesson to a practical lesson involving the rubbish bins.

Students will work through a challenging percussion piece with their bins that will have the rest of the school in awe. This programme also takes a comprehensive look at reading and writing basic rhythms, playing basic drumming beats and responding to musical styles from all over the world.

Please note

We recommend students work through ‘The Gym’ programme before attempting ‘Rad Rhythm Original’. This is not essential, but is recommended as this is our most comprehensive and challenging programme.

This programme requires bins and lids with handles on them.

Rad rhythm Original comes with a student workbook that helps students answer questions they are asked from the screen. This is provided as a free downloadable PDF for print.

After hearing from countless primary school teachers about how they struggled to deliver a good music program due to their lack of time or lack of musical skill, I got to work to fix the problem. After 2.5 years of research and development alongside teachers and principals and media experts, Rad Rhythm was born.

Jonny Wilson, Director

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