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What year groups can use Rad Rhythm?

Rad Rhythm is targeted for years 1 to 6 students.

We have specifically designed programs for each of the different year levels, so using the appropriate program with each class is important.

Our original program of 18 lessons can be used, and has been used by many schools for years 7-8 as well, though you may need to control the pace of the lessons to manage engagement.

Can we get a discount for just using it for 1 term or just one year level?

Unfortunately not.

Rad Rhythm is a fixed price for the year for all of the programs. For example, you could teach 100 children over the year, or all 100 in just one term. It would be the same price either way.

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson should take you 35-50mins depending on how quickly your class moves through the content.

You'll want to allow 5-10mins to set up and pack down too.

Some videos are shorter than others because sometimes you're left to do a task as a class at the end, meaning the video finishes but the lesson continues on until the teacher wraps up the final class exercise.

Can we run the course over a shorter or longer time period?


We've designed it to be 9 week programs (1 or 2 lessons per week).

But, you have the choice to spread it out over a couple terms or to squeeze it into a few weeks.

We recommend not spreading it out over more than 2 terms, as you will start to lose momentum and retention of the material.

Can the children share bins and sticks?

No, each child participating needs one pair of sticks and one bin. If you try split kids up, it will be very obvious that you’re delivering the course wrong. Sorry!

You only need one set of equipment for the school though, as each participating class can share.

Where do we get our rubbish bins and sticks from?

Bins should be between 50 and 80L and they need a lid that has a round handle in the middle so that it can be spun on a stick for a couple of the games.

Please don't buy buckets or small bins. The children will get sore backs and it will not make for an enjoyable experience. Get the proper equipment, take care of it and it will last you many years to come.

There are plenty of places to get these, so do shop around to get the best deal possible.

Bins for NZ schools


Sticks for NZ schools


Bins for AUS schools


MRC Hospitality

People in Plastic

Sticks for AUS schools

Alans Billy Hyde

How much space is required to store the bins?

The bins stack together to reduce the space they take up. Depending on the number of bins you have, there should be one to two stacks, about waist to shoulder height.

They can be easily stored in the corner of a classroom with the drum sticks inside and the lids on top.

Can we get a sneak peak at the videos?

Sure thing! Send us an email and we'll give you temporary access to take a look behind the scenes.

Will any bins or buckets work?

No! There are two main things you need to look for when purchasing your bins:

  1. They need to be between 60-80L as that is the perfect size for children of all ages to play on. Anything smaller will give everyone a sore back from bending over too much.

  2. The bins need lids and the lids must have a handle on them. In the course they will do a lot of lid spinning, so need to be able to put the sick inside the handle and spin it round.

(Don't get confused with the handles on the side of the bin, we're talking about the middle of the lid)

What sort of Drum-sticks should we get? e.g sizes, wood type, tips?

a 5A or 5B drumstick is perfect. There are different types of wood and tips (wood/nylon) with drumsticks, but that's more for getting different tones out of cymbals. But, for playing on a bin it's not going to matter at all.

We recommend these sticks from Music Works as they are both cheap and durable.


Remember, You're bound to get a couple broken sticks through the year, so order a couple of extra pairs, just to be prepared.

What do we do if our video playback is slow?

If you're having issues with slow videos, 99% of the time it will be a problem at your end and not ours. Here are some helpful tips to work through if you're having lagging issues:

  • Check with your IT people to make sure our website and video hosting website are not blocked. (radrhythm.com and wistia.com). Your IT person will know your system and security settings, so start with them first.

  • Do you have full strength on your wi-fi from where you were running the program? or are there some dark patches across the school that don't get full strength? If there are dark patches, then your IT person will be able to help solve this issue.

  • Were there other programs open on your computer that were draining the wi-fi? this could be multiple web pages, or other programs that could run in the background such as dropbox. shut down or pause such programs, so that your computer is able to concentrate it's power on the one program.

Please note: HD videos are automatically shown to viewers when the size of the player and their connection speed can handle it. When they can't support the bandwidth, the SD version of the video is displayed, without any extra effort on your part!

Do we have to buy workbooks?

No, most of the programs don't use workbooks, only our first 18 lesson program for years 5-6.

Your subscription gives you unlimited printing rights to this workbook within your school. You will need to print these at your own cost.

How do I change the the video quality?

To change the quality of the video, simply click the little settings cog.