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What Ages/year groups is Rad Rhythm for?

Rad Rhythm has a large range of programmes that are designed for students from years 1 to 7 students (Ages 5-12).

Each programme has the suggested age levels listed. e.g. Years 1-2.

Can we get a discount for just using it for 1 term or just one year level?

Rad Rhythm is subscription based, so you can choose whether you subscribe all year round, or just for a couple months. You control your subscription when you login. The price is fixed whether you have 1 class or 10 classes using the programme. We used to charge by the year, so offering the monthly option is our way of making discounts available for smaller schools :) You're welcome!

How long are the lessons?

Each programme is different as is each lesson within each programme. For the larger programmes you will be best to set aside 45-50mins in your teaching plan to allow for set up and pack down either side of the lesson.

Some videos are shorter than others because sometimes you're left to do a task as a class at the end, meaning the video finishes but the lesson continues on until the teacher wraps up the final class exercise.

Some of the shorter programmes are broken down into 5-10min exercises that all work together to a big performance piece. It's totally up to you how many sections you'd like to teach on one day. Some teachers spread it out over a whole term, others cram it into a couple weeks. You're the boss! ;)

Can we run the course over a shorter or longer time period?


Every programme is broken down in to sections that allow you to choose how quickly you'd like to move through the programme. Some teachers take 1-2 terms, and others ave a more intensive focus and power through in a couple weeks.

We recommend not spreading it out over more than 1 term wherever possible, as you will start to lose momentum and retention of the material.

Can the children share instruments?

For the pieces that require an instrument such as a bucket, drink bottle, pot, paint brush etc it's important each child has their own instrument. The pieces are not designed to have kids sharing instruments, so it will be very obvious that you’re delivering the course wrong. Sorry!

We've done our best to make sure every programme is affordable to run with easy to access items.

Where do we get drumsticks from?

Most local music stores have drumsticks for $8-10 a pair. But, for those that are a little more procurement savvy, then we suggest checking out amazon.com or alibaba.com - Here you can order for even cheaper, but you just need to factor in shipping costs. Depending where your school is located will determine which your cheapest option is.

How much space is required to run Rad Rhythm?

Everything works well within your classroom, but many teachers choose to move the class to their school hall where they can really let loose with the volume.

Can we get a sneak peak at the videos?

Sure thing! There are links all over our website where you can sign up for a sneak peak which will give you an overview of a bunch of programmes. Be sure to email us any questions we haven't answered too :)

Will any bins or buckets work?

Sort of.....

60-80L sized bins are the perfect size for children of all ages to play on. although small cheap buckets will work, it is not enjoyable for everyone to have to be continually bending over to play their bucket.

We suggest purchasing something that's at least the hight of your knees (yours, not your students) and making sure the bottom is reasonably thick so it doesn't get broken easily.

Most schools have been able to find what they need very easily from local hardware stores for about $10-15. Be sure to ask for a school discount as many schools have had success getting great discounts doing this

What sort of Drum-sticks should we get? e.g sizes, wood type, tips?

It doesn't really matter too much as drumsticks are generally all within a certain size and all the variations are more for getting different tones out of cymbals. But, for playing on a bin it's not going to matter at all.

a 5A or 5B drumstick is perfect.

Remember, You're bound to get a couple broken sticks through the year, so order a couple of extra pairs just in case. ;)

What do we do if our video playback is slow?

If you're having issues with slow videos, 99% of the time it will be a problem at your end and not ours. Here are some helpful tips to work through if you're having lagging issues:

  • Check with your IT people to make sure our website and video hosting website are not blocked. (radrhythm.com and wistia.com). Your IT person will know your system and security settings, so start with them first.

  • Do you have full strength on your wi-fi from where you were running the program? or are there some dark patches across the school that don't get full strength? If there are dark patches, then your IT person will be able to help solve this issue.

  • Were there other programs open on your computer that were draining the wi-fi? This could be multiple web pages, or other programs that could run in the background e.g dropbox. Shut down or pause such programs so that your computer is able to concentrate it's power on the one program.

Please note: HD videos are automatically shown to viewers when the size of the player and their connection speed can support it. When they can't support the bandwidth, the SD version of the video is displayed. This all happens automatically without any extra effort on your part, but you have control to manually change it on the video player.

Do we have to buy workbooks?

No, all teacher workbooks are provided in PDF form for you to print as many copies as you'd like.

How do I change the the video quality?

To change the quality of the video, simply click the little settings cog on the video player.

You haven't answered my question here...help?

Please email us anytime with any questions you may have. You can reach us at info@radrhythm.co.nz